Dear Reader,


We are pleased to inform you that, IET (The  Institution of Engineering and Technology)  Digital Library, INSPEC & IET tv (Engineering Databases) are available on a trial base until 

30 November 2017.



IET Digital Library:   

 IET Digital Library which contains 190,000 technical documents, including nearly 450 eBooks, over 1,600 conference publications, hundreds of real life case studies and over 70,000 journal articles.( Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Physics, Computer & Control Engineering, Mechanical and Production Engineering)

IET InspecDirect:

INSPEC :Direct will give you comprehensive coverage of global scientific and engineering literature, essential for all your research and academic projects.

IET tv:

Note: Please be informed that you can access Trial Databases through the Library Web Page at;

For more information please contact : 2741, 2715

Kindly Yours.

EMU Library