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We are pleased to inform you that, Database is available on a trial base until 

30 August 2018.


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Engage and inspire the multimedia generation with the world’s largest collection of engineering and technology video content.

Owned and developed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), is a source of engaging and inspiring content from leading engineers and technologists in academia and industry. It represents the definitive collection of engineering video content worldwide, containing around 10,500 videos of:


·         Seminars from select universities and research institutions worldwide

·         Content providing unique teaching and coursework material for lectures

·         Interviews with leading experts from industry and academia

·         Lectures and presentations from all major IET events

·         Bite-sized content including news, product demonstrations and showcases


10 specialist technology channels covering a huge range of engineering and technology content:


·         Communications

·         Manufacturing

·         Control

·         Power

·         Electronics

·         Transport

·         IT

·         Healthcare

·         Management

·         Prestige Lectures


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