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We are pleased to inform you that, ClinicalKey-ELSEVIER Database will be accessible on a trial base until 31 May 2014.

You can access this site at:

About ClinicalKey: ClinicalKey is the world’s first “clinical insight engine.”  More than a traditional search engine, ClinicalKey is built from the ground up on Smart Content tagged from Elsevier’s proprietary EMMeT taxonomy.

That means…ClinicalKey is the only clinical resource that thinks like a physician.

And it’s designed with the physician’s workflow in mind.  From the fastest speed to answer to the built in tools that make one-click sharing possible, ClinicalKey integrates seamlessly into the hectic schedule of every healthcare professional:

·         Diagnosis/Point of Care -- With Smart Content tagged from Elsevier’s proprietary taxonomy EMMeT, ClinicalKey is the only resource that intuitively “thinks” like a physician.          This means the most clinically relevant information you need for the situation at hand comes to you.  No digging through thousands of results.  No wasted time.  Just faster answers and more accurate care.

·         Sharing Information -- With one-click sharing and the time-saving presentation maker, ClinicalKey makes it easier than ever to share the clinically relevant answers you find.  The presentation maker uses simple drag and drop tools to build a presentation worthy of sharing with colleagues, complete with citation and copyright information included – saving physicians hours of time that could be better spent improving the lives of patients.

·         Staying Current -- In those few moments when physicians have time to read the current literature in their field, ClinicalKey delivers with access to answers from:

                 -         1040+ books in every medical discipline

                 -          530+ top journals

                 -         13,000+ videos of surgical procedures and other techniques


Note: Please be informed that you can access “Trial databases” through the Library Web Page at;


For more information please contact : 2741, 2715


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