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EMU Library Remote Access by VPN (Virtual Private Network) and/or Proxy Server Agreement :

The use of the online databases and electronic resources is governed by copyright law and by the terms of the license between university and the publishers/ vendors. Authorized users (EMU Community) of online databases and electronic resources are expected to respect the copyright of the publishers.

The usage is monitored; so please ensure that you use the access only for study related purposes and that you do not pass the remote access ‘user name and password’ to anybody else. Users are responsible for all actions made using their User Name and Passwords.   

Unauthorized use or access to the library's licensed electronic resources may result in suspension of library privileges or further legal action.


Below is a list of typical DOs and DO NOTs when it comes to using licensed electronic resources:


• Downloading, saving and printing limited data or articles for personal, academic
    use only.
• Using for personal, instructional or research needs.
• Sharing data with Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty, Staff and Students.


• Sharing your remote access ‘User Name and Password’ with others.

• Downloading the full text of an entire journal issue.
• Systematic or substantial printing, copying or downloading. 

• Use of software such as scripts, agents, or robots and making systematic or
    substantial printing, copying or downloading.
• Selling or re-distributing content, or providing it to an employer.

• Using data for purposes other than academic research or education.
• Sharing data with people other than EMU Faculty, staff and students.
• Posting actual content or articles to web sites listservs.
• Modifying, altering or creating derivative works.



Indicate that you agree to these terms of use by clicking in the circle below and complete the remote access request form .


Yes I Agree  : I am a member of Eastern Mediterranean University, and understand the terms of use for the Library’s licensed online databases and electronic resources. I agree to use the ‘User Name and Password’ for the remote access, in accordance with the conditions imposed by the EMU Library and by the relevant publishers/vendors. I agree that, the usage is monitored that I will use the remote access service for library access purposes, according to the terms of use stated above and I am responsible for every action that is made while using my remote access ‘User Name and Password’.


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 Note : Passwords expire automatically every two years from creation, for security purposes. Please repeat this form for requesting a new password and registering your new account.