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İ (Academic Plagiarism) - Plagiarism Detection Software

Published Date: Thursday, 28 October 2021


Dear Readers,
İ (Academic Plagiarism) is a unique and independent plagiarism detection software (plagiarism, copying analysis program) and has now been made accessible for universities by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).    

İ, is a local program producaed in Turkey and includes; the journals published in Turkey for more than %90, and tens of thousands of printed books. Users of can use the system without limitation of document type, such as; homeworks, articles, conference papers, etc.

THESES - IMPORTANT NOTE: The plagiarism report to be needed in defense applications to the Institute for Graduate Studies and Research must be obtained from the Turnitin plagiarism analysis program. In this context, it is not appropriate to use for plagiarism analysis in theses.

İ Captures These Tests:

REPRODUCTION: Take someone else's work directly and show it as your own work.
COYING: Copy some of the other works directly and add them to your own work.
COPY but CHANGE: Copy the text from another source and insert it in your own text with minor changes.
MOSAIC: To prepare a new study by combining studies from multiple sources.
SELF PLAGIARISM: Copying from a work of his own that he had done before.

In İ, the class logic is based on the folder system. In the Academician account, you can easily create a class for student assignments or test your personal documents without having to create a class. In order for students to upload their assignments, knowing the folder code of the class you created is sufficient.

İ Address:

Detailed Informatıon: Interface Introduction Video : User Guide   - Brochure

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