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Electronic (Digital) Library users are expected to respect publishers' copyrights. The Eastern Mediterranean University Library, in accordance with the common license agreements between ANKOS (Consortium of Anatolian University Libraries) and publishers, forbids the downloading of a journal in the electronic medium in its entirety.  In case of infringement of this rule, Eastern Mediterranean University may see its right to access the relevant database revoked. Downloading a full-text journal as a whole can only be done for educational purposes and the downloaded text may not be used for commercial or other purposes. Our electronic resources can be classified under two categories:  online full-text journal access and bibliographic data access. The wishes, opinions, and recommendations of faculties and departments form the basis of decision-making in the selection of electronic resources. In our current technological era, electronic resource formats are continuously diversifying and increasing in number, and it is becoming increasingly important to conduct in-depth research in the area of data selection, as information is becoming more and more digital. Consequently, as is the case for the selection of any other kind of material, cooperation between the library and faculty is of essence when the task at hand is the selection of electronic resources.  We, as the Library, view the transfer of information onto the electronic medium from the printed medium as a sound and desirable exploitation of technology, especially in the case of periodicals.


Eastern Mediterranean University students, faculty and administrative staff can register and become a member of the Library. -All registered library members are entitled to borrow from the library-.

Library Registration Forms (membership cards) are offered at the Circulation Desk / 1st Floor in the Library. All applications must be made in person. - Fill the form in your own handwriting and submit it to the Circulation Desk -.  

For registration process please contact with Library Circulation Desk. Tel.: (0392) 630 2290, e-mail: 


Our collection is at the disposal of not only the university personnel, students, and faculty, but also of the whole community. However, borrowing books is a privilege reserved for our registered Library Members.
Eastern Mediterranean University students, faculty and administrative staff can register and become a member of the Library. -All registered library members are entitled to borrow from the library-.  
Users are expected to return books on time and to comply with regulations and procedures regarding borrowing. Thus, readers will have contributed to the effective functioning of book circulation services provided by our library.
We aim to increase and develop our facilities for the use of the public so as to help expand resources of information and culture in the country and to encourage lifelong learning habits among all members of our community.


In our library, all resources are catalogued and categorized (shelved) according to standard professional scientific systems. We apply Anglo American Cataloguing Rules 2 for cataloguing, and the Dewey Decimal Classification System for classification purposes.


Access to Library's Online Catalog is available on the library premises at 2nd and 3rd floors by Online Catalog Terminals and users can also reach to the online catalog through the library website.

  • The Online Catalog Terminals (catalog search computers) are used to access the library collections and are not intended for internet searching.
  • The USB Port –use of flash disk- is out of order on these terminals.
  • You can e-mail your catalog search results by using your; e-mail address through these terminals.
  • Please apply to the Online Databases & Audio Visuals Section at the ground floor to use the internet & computer services of the library.


Our library respects the copyrights of authors and publishers. We take particular care not to include documents in violation of copyrights into our collection. Our regulations also prohibit the duplication of any item in our collection for commercial purposes.  Thanks to our databases, copyright laws also apply to the accessing of online full-text journals. The license agreement between our library and ANKOS (Anadolu Üniversite Kütüphaneleri Konsorsiyumu—Consortium of Anatolian University Libraries) and publishers prohibit the downloading of a journal within the database in its entirety. A violation of this interdict may entail the cessation of our accessing the database involved.


The security of all equipment and resources in our library is ensuredthrough an electronic security system and the library is monitored by security cameras. Each user is responsible for preserving the resources used. Members are required to return any item borrowed in good condition and without writing in it. Each individual user is expected to contribute to ensuring that our collection remains available to future generations in its entirety and to demonstrate the required sensitivity and responsibility in this respect.

Library users may be asked to show anything being carried through the exit. Please open your bags or other kinds of receptacles for inspection. Your cooperation is much appreciated in this security procedure for the protection of valuable library materials.

IMPORTANT:  Do not take out any library materials which have not been properly checked out and/or permitted at the circulation desk or other information desks. The University may take disciplinary action against readers who remove library materials from the Library Building without completing the loan procedures and/or without permission.


Our readers are able to make use of our Internet access facilities, provided that this utilization serves education and research purposes. Our main objective in making computers with Internet capabilities available in the Library is to allow access to our electronic resources (Online Databases, CD-ROMs, etc.) and to provide training to users to facilitate the use of these resources (Online Databases Section / at the ground floor).


Users are responsible to read, understand and follow the rules listed below.

  • Users are expected to use the Internet and Computers for educational and research purposes.
  • Library is not responsible for Internet content, reliability, accuracy or currency.
  • The computers are available on a 'first come, first served' basis.
  • Staff may advise the user to review the Library's Internet & Computer Use Policy.
  • Users may not use the Library computers to attend chat sessions or game playing.
  • Users may not violate licensing agreements or Copyright Laws.
  • Users must properly cite and not plagiarize any sources.
  • The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal disks when downloading.
  • Users may not make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software.
  • You should be very careful about putting private information such as name, address or credit card information on any computer. It is your responsibility to protect your personal information. The Library cannot be responsible for your privacy.
  • Users may not view, download or send pornography.
  • Commercial use is strictly forbidden.


Our library provides customized training and guidance to assist readers in making use of library services easily and conscientiously. These services are implemented by our staff and further supported with written instructions and web pages.


The main mission of EMU Library is to meet the information needs of the faculty and students.  To this end, we are constantly updating our library collection. As a matter of fact the demands coming from the Faculties and Schools act as a determinant in our policy pertaining to the enhancement of the collections (Collection Development).  

In order to enrich our collection, we try to obtain materials by means of  "Donations".  

All materials donated to our library are carefully evaluated, and those found suitable are added to our collection.  Materials that are not found suitable to be included in our Library are classified according to the audience they address, and then they are donated to libraries accordingly (elementary schools, junior and high schools, and public libraries.)  If the donated materials, like photocopied materials, pamphlets, magazines, etc are not feasible for any kind of classification so as to be placed on our shelfs or not even suitable to be donated to other institutions, then they are made available at the Library Entrance for all readers, and who ever pleases may "Take One".


This service provided by our library consists of gaining access to books and/or articles currently unavailable in our library from other institutions, be they foreign or domestic. 

'Interlibrary Loan' is an invaluable process by which researchers are able to access information at a distance as rapidly and comprehensively as possible.  Consequently, we attach great importance to collaborating with other institutions worldwide and to contributing to the 'increase of information through sharing'.

Contact address for more detailed information, either at the institutional or individual level:         Tel.:(0392) 630 1502


As our library considers scientific development a universal gain, it seeks to cooperate with other institutions of information and to share its own resources with the rest of the world as much as circumstances allow. Such collaboration makes it easier both to promote our university's publications throughout the world and to access sources of information available elsewhere.


Study spaces are available in all parts of our library. Thanks to approximately 1,000 seats, our readers are able to find a suitable space for studying as the need arises. Naturally, a quiet atmosphere is maintained in all study areas.  Group study sessions and other behavior interfering with silence are absolutely not tolerated.  In order to ensure silence, users are invited to refrain from disturbing the peace both through announcements and through written instructions placed around the library.


  • Study spaces may not be reserved by leaving books or personal items on chairs and tables. Personal items, books and any other equipment left unattended for more than 30 minutes on chairs or tables may be removed and placed at the Information Desk by Library staff.
  • Personal items and equipment should not be left unattended at any time.
  • The Library accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left unattended in the Library. Library is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen personal items.


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