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Database on Trial - Wolters Kluwer - Lexicomp

Published Date: Sunday, 30 October 2022

Dear Reader,
We are pleased to inform you that, Wolters Kluwer - Lexicomp Database is available on a trial base until 23 December 2022.

Access link:

For remote access:
Login: dau2022
Password: &H#01r8G 

Lexicomp is trusted by pharmacists and clinicians worldwide to provide fast, relevant drug Information. Whether you're in a hospital or retail pharmacy setting, we offer drug reference options that tackle critical and challenging areas of drug decision support, accessible at the point of care in an easy-to-use, easily searchable interface.

Every patient is unique. Wolters Kluwer offers drug referential content solutions that embrace those differences and empower you to make the best possible evidence-based decision for each specific patient.

Every time you work with a patient, member, or consumer's drug regimen, you consider the needs of that unique patient at that specific moment in their care journey. And, given the volume of patients, you need to do so quickly.  Our drug referential content solutions provide the clarity in the evidence you rely on for drug decision making, even when patient cases are complex.

Note: Please be informed that you can access Online Databases through the library Web Site:

For more information please contact : 2741, 2755
Kindly Yours.
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