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Statista Database – User Training Webinar

Published Date: Monday, 11 March 2024

Speaker: Juan MARISCAL (Client Success Manager)

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All our users are invited to the webinar to be organized by STATISTA, one of the world's leading data platforms for strategic market analysis, statistics and editorial research results with more than a million statistics.

At the seminar, Client Success Manager Juan Mariscal will explain Statista content, the data presented and its usage areas; It will guide you on how to use special modules in the company and consumer areas and the Statista platform most effectively.

Date - Time: 15 March, 2024 - 15:00 (Turkey time)
Registration Page: Click & register for the webinar
Meeting ID: 290 451 311 587"Tid"%3a"0785f839-dfae-4fe1-a068-80fe8fc61f2b"%2c"Oid"%3a"cf1bd114-d8bb-4dca-a898-6435f1598182"%7d&anon=true&deeplinkId=1806a3e2-b1dd-469d-b037-5ef29cf7c3fb

Statista is a global data and business intelligence platform with an extensive collection of statistics, reports, and insights on over 80,000 topics from 22,500 sources in 170 industries. Established in Germany in 2007, Statista operates in 13 locations worldwide and employs around 1,100 professionals. More about STATISTA

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