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EMU Library Online Databases User Training Programs!

Published Date: Friday, 4 May 2018

Dear Students and Academic Staff Members,

Within the context of the Online Databases and Electronic Resources Training Programs, our library is planning to present detailed information on subscribed online databases, databases on trial, digital archives and open access repositories.  

You can apply to our Library either individually or in groups of 2-4 to participate in these training courses.

The Training Courses can be classified in the following manner:

1. Basic information, general introduction to the databases, electronic resources and Discovery Services of EMU Library (Summon) – starter,

2. Introducing the databases according to the needs of the individual and their applications,

3. Advances Searching- Indexes and their applications, Digital Archives and Open Access Repositories,

4. ResearcherID integration with Web of Science( SCI, A&SCI, SSCI)

  • How can get Researcher ID?
  • Views an author's citation metrics
    Total articles in Publication List
    Articles with citation data
    Average citations per article
    h-index ( update daily)
    Collaboration Network
    Citing Articles Network
  • Access to e-books
  • Digital archives and institutional repositories (Open Access)
  • With ELSEVIER SciVerse Hub platform access to
    Full Text journal content from 18 scholarly publishers
    Millions of thesis and other documents from 246 repositories worldwide (articles, e-prints, documents, medical citations)

 Please make a prior appointment with Canay Ataöz, Head of the Technical Services, in order to fix an appropriate training activity. 

Contact Information:  E-mail:               Tel.: 2741      

Kindly yours,

Osman Soykan

Library Director (a.)