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Register And Become a Library Member!

Published Date: Friday, 4 May 2018

REGISTRATION TO THE LIBRARY (LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP)                                                                                                                             

Eastern Mediterranean University students, faculty and administrative staff can register and become a member of the Library. -All registered library members are entitled to borrow from the library-.

Library Registration Forms (membership cards) are offered at the Circulation Desk / 1st Floor in the Library. All applications must be made in person. -Fill the form in your own handwriting and submit it to the Circulation Desk-. 

For registration process please contact with Library Circulation Desk at;

Tel.:(630)  2755, (630)  2290 or

Registration Form Examples:

Note: These are example forms only; you must obtain an official registration form, from the Library Circulation Desk for applying.

Example 1: Students Registration Form

Example 2: Academic and Administrative Staff Registration Form